Beyond Speech: Why We Offer Lactation Support at Katy Speech and Language


At Katy Speech and Language, we’re passionate about communication and development, from the first babbles to complex conversations. But our expertise extends beyond just speech – we also understand the immense importance of early feeding experiences and their impact on a child’s well-being. That’s why we’re proud to offer lactation counseling, adding another layer of support to families embarking on the breastfeeding journey.

Why Does a Speech Pathology Practice Offer Lactation Support?

You might be surprised to see lactation services alongside speech therapy. But the connection is deeper than you think. Speech-language pathologists are specialists in oral-motor skills and development, including the muscles and movements involved in sucking, swallowing, and speech. This expertise makes us uniquely qualified to understand and address challenges that can hinder breastfeeding success.

By incorporating certified lactation counselors into our team, we can offer a unique and comprehensive approach to supporting breastfeeding families:

  • Early Identification of Feeding Issues: Speech-language pathologists can screen for oral-motor difficulties that might affect breastfeeding, such as tongue ties or weak sucking. Early intervention by our certified lactation counselors can prevent future complications and ensure a smooth feeding experience.
  • Holistic Support for Breastfeeding Challenges: Beyond latch and milk supply concerns, certified lactation counselors address emotional challenges and psychosocial factors that can impact breastfeeding success. This holistic approach ensures mothers feel supported and empowered throughout their journey.

How Our Lactation Counselors Can Help You:

Whether you’re a first-time parent facing latching difficulties or an experienced mother navigating low milk supply, our certified lactation counselors are here to help. They can offer:

  • Postpartum support: Assisting with latch, positioning, and milk transfer.
  • Troubleshooting common feeding challenges: Addressing low milk supply, engorgement, mastitis, etc.
  • Emotional support and encouragement: Fostering confidence and providing guidance throughout the breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding success doesn’t have to be a solo journey. At Katy Speech and Language, we understand the challenges you face. With our combined expertise in oral-motor development and lactation support, we’re here to empower you to achieve your breastfeeding goals and nourish your little one with the gift of breastmilk.

Contact us today to learn more about our lactation services and how we can support you on your breastfeeding journey at 281-766-3831.